A healthy mind breeds in a healthy body! In word andHealth Checkup 1 in action, the school attempts to convey this message, encouraging children to cultivate healthy habits of eating and exercise. The school has a doctor/nurse at the school clinic at all times during the school day. If a student feels ill, he/she should inform any of the staff members of the school office. The student will then be sent to the school clinic and will be attended by school nurse.

First aid is immediately administered to a student if he/she sustains an injury during school hours. In cases where stitches, plaster or any other first aid is required, he/she will be taken to a polyclinic in the vicinity of the school and the parents duly informed. The expenses incurred by the school in administering the required treatment will have to be re-imbursed by the parents.

In the event that a student requires to be given prescribed medication during school hours, clear, written instructions must be sent to the school office with the medicine, duly labeled.

Once in twdro months, a complete health check is conducted at the clinic by the nurse. This includes a dental and eye check, along with the child’s hygiene, and a recording of his/her weight and height. Information with regard to any concern is sent home to parents.  The kindergarten sections are provided with a daily dose of calcium by way of a glass of milk under the Milk program.


In Senior School in both the campuses, if a student feels ill, he/she is required to inform any of the staff members of the school office. He/She will then be sent to the clinic and will be attended by the school nurse.

stethoscope-doctorFor the protection of your child, other children and staff, we cannot allow a child to attend school if he or she shows the following symptoms: fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, rash and discharge from the nose, eye or ear.

Parents should inform the school office if their child has contracted any infectious/contagious disease such as strepthroat, impetigo, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, mumps, measles or chicken pox. In such cases the student will not be allowed to attend school till the prescribed quarantine period is over.