Students of Al Waha make the school proud at the
Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award Ceremony!!

Shrouq Ibrahim for Best across 9 IGCSE subjects Yara Ahmed For Best across 8 IGCSE Subjects and Islamiyat Basma Farooque for Urdu IGCSE Ramis for Computer Science AS levels


What is Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge International Examinations who recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world.

img-20160728-wa0072How many Categories are there

Top in the World’ refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

Top in Country’ refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in your country for a single subject.

‘Top in Region’ awards are only recognised in Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. ‘Top in Region’ refers to the learner who has gained the highest standard mark in the region for a single subject.

High Achievement’ is awarded to learners who have achieved outstanding results in subjects which are not so widely taken and which, under the current criteria, would not qualify for ‘Top in Country’ Awards. Learners who achieve the highest standard marks in Country in a particular subject will receive the award.

Best Across’ awards are issued to learners who have attained the first highest cumulative total standard marks over set number of subjects:

  • Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O Level in eight subjects

  • Cambridge International AS Level in four subjects

  • Cambridge International A Level in three subjects

 List of outstanding achievers from the last May/June 2015 examination series:


Qualification Award Syllabus Student name
IGCSE Best across 9 Second place Ayman Moazzam
IGCSE Best across 9 Third place Abdullah Omar Ali Taj
IGCSE High Achievement Global Perspectives Hera Abdul Wahid
AS High Achievement Language & Literature in English Rabia Farooq
IGCSE High Achievement Urdu as a Second Language Areeba Ather
IGCSE Top In Country First Language English (Oral Endorsement) Shireen Rahmani
IGCSE Top In World Foreign Language Arabic Maram Ismail Taha
IGCSE Top In World Foreign Language Arabic Wijdan Hafeezullah Muhammad