School transport, for which the services of a professional transport company have. recently been hired, is available on request at an additional charge, subject to availability of space on existing routes. However, transport fees must be paid, along with the other school fees, at the school Fee Counter.


Representatives of the Transport Company should be directly contacted by parents at the numbers given below to discuss transport requirements or any other transport-related issues for their ward/wards.

Mr. Basheer : 0582631133
Mr. Abdul Razzaq : 0593560275



  1. Students must be at the bus stop at the designated time for pick-up in the morning. The driver will wait no more than three (3) minutes at each stop. The driver makes every effort to be on time. However, traffic may hinder his goal or absent children make him early. Your patience and understanding of these circumstances is appreciated.

  2. We request parents to provide their children with water bottles/flasks in order to avoid dehydration, especially on the journey back from school.

  3. Please inform the school office in writing if your child will not be on the bus in the morning or afternoon.

  4. Students are expected to board the bus immediately after school is over.

  5. It is important that all children remain in their seats throughout the journey. Unruly and boisterous behaviour may cause injury or even distract the driver, resulting in an accident. Bus facilities will be withdrawn for students who are involved in any kind of indiscipline on the bus.

  6. Please ensure that you are at home when your KG1 / KG2 child is dropped off. The driver generally waits until the child enters his/her building; after which he drives away. He or the school cannot be held responsible if you are not available to receive your child when he/she reaches home.


Parents have the option of making their own transport arrangements for their ward/wards. However, it is important for all parents to know that the earlier practice of the school liaising with private drivers and van operators on behalf of students and teachers has been completely discontinued. Parents who continue to use the services of private drivers for serving the transport needs of their ward/wards must do so independently. The school does not bear any responsibility at all for any aspect of their operation.

All students availing private transport must be at school on time.The office must have the name of students’ regular drivers or escorts plus any additional names of people allowed to transport the child. Children will not be allowed to leave the school with anyone other than these designated people, unless the office receives written notification authorizing the change.

No student is allowed to use alternate transport or accompany another child after school, unless the school office receives notification in writing from the parents.

There has been an increasing tendency amongst students, particularly the senior children, to leave the school premises on the basis of a last minute programme with friends, without written. consent from the parents. In the interest of the safety and security of the students, we request all parents to counsel their children regarding this issue. In such cases, the school will not be responsible for the students’ whereabouts once they have left the school premises.

Parents should ensure that their children are collected at the end of the school day no later than 20 minutes after the dismissal time. After this time the child will be the sole responsibility of the parent.

Parents who have authorised their ward (in any section) to walk to school in the morning or walk back home alone in the afternoon, should advise the school in writing about it. Children from Junior School will not be allowed to leave the school premises in the afternoon unless the school has written authorisation from the parents. However, despite these precautions, it is not possible for the school to monitor the movement of such students before they reach the school premises in the morning or after their departure from either of the campuses in the afternoon. In all such cases, the school bears no responsibility for the students before their arrival in the morning or their departure from the school premises after dispersal in the afternoon.