Students must come to school neatly dressed in their uniforms everyday. Particular attention must be paid to cleanliness of uniform, correct footwear, neat hair and well-clipped fingernails. Boys’ hair, in both style and length, must meet the school’s requirements. For girls, any kind of artifical treatment of hair, including colouring, is not permissible and medium/long hair is required to be tied back neatly. Blue, black or white rubber bands, ribbons or hair bands may be used by all girls. Wearing  jewellery (except for small ear studs), nail polish or any kind of make-up is strictly not allowed for girls during school hours. Parents should note that girls have the option of wearing a full-sleeved blouse with their tunics. For the purpose of the Zuhr prayer, all girls are required to carry a black or white scarf.

The strictures regarding uniform are as follows:


Junior School


 Junior & Senior School


Senior School


P.E. days 
For all students, the P.E. uniform is plain black slacks, plain white, loose T-shirt, with the school logo stitched on it, and black/white trainers.

Important Change:
Please note that, for Junior School on regular days, trainers have been replaced by black formal/dress shoes for both boys and girls. On the days that a child has P.E. however, he/she is required to wear black/white trainers.


  • On all days, except for P.E. days, it is mandatory for children in all classes, to wear the regular uniform with the school monogram.

  • School monograms must be stitched on the shirt/tunic. Monograms that are pinned, glued or even stapled on to the shirt or tunic are not acceptable at all.

  • Every effort is made to report, record and reduce irregularities in uniform.

  • In Senior School, children who are not in full and correct uniform, are issued slips from the main office and a record of this information is maintained. A child who has been issued three slips is not allowed to attend class and is sent home.

In Junior School, irregularities in uniform are monitored closely and a note sent home to advise parents in this regard.